February 21, 2009

fireflies in houston

The dogs (Thelma & Blondie) and I went for our usual pre-dawn stroll along the bayou behind our backyard and Thelma and I think we saw fireflies. Now we both know that it is probably too early in the year and that there may be another explanation for what we saw.

An aside: the bayou is actually a human-dug ditch that retains water all year lying between our subdivision and the subdivision just to the west. I think it may drain into Greens Bayou. It has slowly moving water throughout the year and serves as a flood control during some of our East Texas downpours and for most of the year is a good place to walk a dog or watch a long-legged crane hunt small fish, turtles, frogs, etc. along the banks.

So we return to the house because the supposed Firefly sighting takes us to the Wikipedia entry on Firefly to learn something about fireflies.

And then a discovery that there is a website Fireflies in Houston dedicated to returning fireflies to Houston. This site also serves as a gathering place for firefly sightings throughout the country.

A good start to a week-end morning.

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