February 15, 2009

Can Janet Napolitano stop the border-fence boondoggle?

Does Janet Napolitano want to stop the border-fence boondoggle? The Texas Observer has a must-read article taking us back to the wall and the questions regarding its future.
In 2006, with the passage of the Secure Fence Act, Congress mandated the construction of 670 miles of fence along the southern border by the end of 2008. As of Jan. 21, according to Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Angela de Rocha, 582.2 miles had been built. Despite the Dec. 31 cutoff date in the Secure Fence Act, DHS is still building its wall. So far it appears that properties entangled in lawsuits, like Tamez’, have been mostly bypassed. But there’s no telling how long that will last.

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