May 31, 2011

Making the best of . . .

The Risk of divorce goes up by 40 percent for commuters and the risk is the highest in the first few years of commuting.

Commuting is a migraine-inducing life-suck—a mundane task about as pleasurable as assembling flat-pack furniture or getting your license renewed, and you have to do it every day. If you are commuting, you are not spending quality time with your loved ones. You are not exercising, doing challenging work, having sex, petting your dog, or playing with your kids (or your Wii). You are not doing any of the things that make human beings happy.

Well, I ain't getting a divorce and I'm not sure that I can really afford to sell my house and look for another closer in and continue to save for my retirement in Oregon (or wherever). So maybe there is a way to keep truckin' without going completely balmy?