April 05, 2020

Inevitable Fall

. I am a joe named bill . . .
I know when I am at top of a hill
because every which way looks down.

Some friends say, "look up, look up!"
but vertigo spins me into looking down
and I stumble like a twice-practiced clown.

Except, I have no practice at all
I am just a baby brother joe named bill
and I am starting to tumble and fall,
not quite deciphering up from down.
I know when I am at top of a hill
because every which way looks down.

With my brother in Vegas

I ain't behind nobody . . .
So there. I ain't behind you.

I know how to add 2+2 to 4
& sometimes I can triple it
and wait for the score.

It depends who's sits the table.
My lead is certain; this ain't no banking game.

If you're looking for some way out,
don't look to me. I know my way.
Some teach some learn; some march all day.

April 01, 2020

Mesquite, no Elm

I'll do my best to help save the planet no matter where;
just don't plow me under an elm tree in West Texas.
Mesquite could be okay, that might be fair,
but not in a hole fracked, oily and infectious!

March 31, 2020

lock-down fatigue

I do not recognize lock-down fatigue. Some days have always been harder than other days. I have treasures (pictures and mementos in my home that need dusting and study and perhaps further understanding). But I look forward to the sunset and a resulting sunrise and a chance to walk outside (alone or in tandem with my mate). Shit happens. Roses bloom. Trees leaf and shade. We march with the drummer we have and always have. Slow or fast ain't the shit . . . smiles are more to the taste.

March 26, 2020

Spatial Memory

Remember what I say . . .
Some importance may dawn after awhile:
maybe in early morning rain, or a moving horizon.
It can happen in multiple ways.
Be ready, help others, but always
look west at nightfall and, if possible, smile.
Mostly wake facing East to raise a true dawn.

Ignore the rest I say until my last utterance.
The early verse is rehearsal . . .
the latest . . . or finally some last stanza
describes in total the state of the universe.
It's where I am when I am no longer here
unless I am finally lost in everywhere.

March 25, 2020


I am more us than me
but I am totally me at dawn
when I'm not sure what I see
until nuzzled. I know my lady fawn.

March 24, 2020

Squirrels on a Wheel

Yesterday and tomorrow are rough enough
and tomorrow and tomorrow will be rougher.
It is sometimes the way of my world
that straight or curved paths whirl
into a new reality of varieties of nonsense
sometimes coalescing into pretend sense
mostly to the left and twice to the right
for a hundred years or so
and then, again, around we go.
You can't keep the same pair of dice all night.
We mostly dance in patterns of hope
from minus to "maybe we can cope."
In my favorite world
it is not best to be a squirrel.

March 22, 2020

Time to Sound-Off

(sperm whales or snapping shrimp)

It is growing difficult to remain silent
toward leadership intentionally disquieting
without explanation nor thoughtful intent.
I am fueling myself toward quitting the quiet.

Today or Tomorrow

I will dance and play
mostly today, and maybe pray.

We do not know tomorrow,
we cannot know tomorrow,
and the difference is immense.

What we do and what we may,
these opposite ends of a chasm of tense
could sink the world we know.

March 17, 2020

Last Year Today and Beyond

yesterday was never tomorrow
except in minds twisted in knots,
living again moments of some sorrow
of knowing yestermorning and now. . .

some of us will be strolling along
singing a bunch of very silly songs
without a single nod toward tomorrow
except in minds twisted in knots