November 26, 2019

Ignorant Pardons

As a veteran, a few days short of 4 years in ASA (Army Security Agency), I don't intend to push this too much, but the Secretary of the Navy, Richard V. Spencer was totally correct in standing up to Trump . . . these pardons are beyond the pale and are an attack on all our quality military service women and men.

November 14, 2019

Measuring sins

I'm not sure what's worse:
trying to shut up
or trying to write verse;
I totally give up.

My sins are small.
Your sins? Your call.

Aware but Basically an Innocent . . .

Put aside Game of Thrones temporarily, just keep in mind the randiness throughout and self-interest exploited to extremes, the ancient Greek tragedies are at least as in tune with today's U..S. governance . . . without going into particular examples, let some of the scripts trickle through the creeks of your conscience for a moment: the Iliad, Antigone, Prometheus Bound, the Orestia, etc., and etc. The last few days is similar to my junior high and high schools education . . . (ignore the tedious repeats in college) . . . there were really lessons for us to learn and we yawned and looked as bored as we sometimes were . . . I wish I had remained aware through more moments of reading the tragedies and listening to them in class . . . I could better explicate this week's reporting on the orange bump . . .