October 12, 2019

Jose Cruz

was a Housto Astro!
I remember taking my young son Toby and his cousin Joshua Boydstun to an Astros game . . . a guy came up to us as we approached the entrance and told me he had some tickets . . . I balked - this is not my type of adventure . . . but he nodded toward the boys and said Jose Cruz wants you to have his box seats for today's game . . . it was a tremendous experience and when Jose came to bat early in the game he turned and raised his cap toward us (sitting just yards behind home plate) we acknowledged his greeting and his beautiful smile . . . he was a Houston Astro . . .

October 09, 2019

ain't nice nor good for you

cancer ain't nice nor good for shit,
but sometimes it can drumbeat new thinking
of stuff that keeps us smiling despite the shit.

Sometimes Doodle Out

Everything is earned.
Almost nothing comes without a down payment.
That's okay! It fits who I am.

Except as I type what I earlier scribbled, I disagree with my earlier self.
Earlier self was wrong.

Everything is not earned - what could I have done to be born a white human male with a relatively stable DNA?

October 04, 2019

Measuring the Lengths of Silence

Conversations continue
within and throughout our interludes of talking.
This is not an answer to a question.

I merely suppose, as delicately as possible,
that love continues through our lengths of silence.
I have no questions to answer.