August 25, 2012

Short Poem

Some of my favorite poems are very quick . . .
A splash of cold water from a mountain stream.

Bill Boydstun
(used by permission)

August 23, 2012

A Coven of Cousins

My backyard is a mess (that a casual pagan might appreciate),
not only of neglect but also of design.
A work in progress on a circular path
of no final arriving - like life, I suppose.
I plant and grow with purpose of a sort (intentional)
but my weeding chores are tempered with curiosity
and the quest for native growth that can grace a salad or soup.
I am learning the names and customs of guest weeds -
Which to sit down with and which to un-invite.
As I said, it is not a linear pursuit,
perhaps not a pursuit at all but an acquiescence
acknowledging a wider coven of cousins.

Bill K Boydstun
used by permission
(first penned Feb 2011)

August 17, 2012

Heraclitus said something along the line of "one cannot step into the same river twice." Every time I've tried it, I've slipped and fallen on my arse (I've never traveled with an actual ass). Doesn't mean that he (Heraclitus) got it right, but maybe he was on the right track. Reality is short-term, it's ending all the time, but, and here may be the clincher, it is beginning all the time.
Can it be that we are what we blog? Who said that? Was it Michael what's his name? Probably not. Or was it Lao Tzu? he commonly knew whereof he spake.

like this . . .