October 23, 2012

Sunny, shelter pup from Houston on boards in NYC . . .

I haven't seen the headline in the Chronicle, "Dog from Houston makes debut on Broadway" but then maybe the Chronicle doesn't do that type of story . . . too busy endorsing Romney and losing my online readership (long ago lost me as paying member of the home delivery paper) . . . long story . . . never mind . . .

The dog playing Sandy in the current revival of "Annie" on Broadway, is none other than the Houston native, Sunny . . . According to the current (October 22, 2012) copy of The New Yorker, Sunny was a pick of the litter (and I continue to read The New Yorker even though they've just recent endorsed Obama . . . go figure. She was first choice among three applicants:
... It came down to three: Sunny (who came from a shelter in Houston), Casey (Nashville), and a dog from Indiana named Bart Star ... Bart Star was eliminated. ... Sunny won top billing over Case partly because of the mournful black rings around her eyes - the perfect Depression mutt.
Bart Star was male and a little too easily aroused to be a good choice as a Depression mutt.

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