March 13, 2009

republican governors and the unemployed

I think that digby is one of the more astute of the folks writing political analysis on the web, but I think she may be wrong about the Texas lege overriding the governor's "refusal" - see her comments below (and, almost as always, I recommend that you go read the rest of the entry - as a matter of fact, you should be checking out what digby has to say as often as you have a chance. . .).

I'm pretty sure everyone gets this, but in case you don't, the reason that Governors Rick Perry and Mark Sanford are "refusing" to take the stimulus money is because they are running for president. They are making the bet that the economy will either be very bad, in which case they can run against Obama's socialistic policies which ruined the country --- or that the economy will be off the table as an issue and it won't make any difference. (I would guess they are thinking the first is the most likely.)And since their state legislatures will override their "principled" opposition, they know that they won't actually be responsible for denying people unemployment benefits in the worst recession since the great depression. That's what passes for integrity among Republicans.

It is true that Texas Democrats will try their damnedest to overturn Governor Hair's decision to put the screws to Texas the unemployed there's more at work here in Texas. We are changing in Texas, becoming bluer by the year, but the recent fairly easy reelection of Sen. Cronyn is a clear sign that we have some way to go.

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