March 23, 2009

manifesto for peripatetic patter

It is my intention, for a foreseeable moment, to narrow my blogging focus on this site within the range of three primary (that is, primary to me) topics -- while simultaneously allowing myself the authorial authority to change directions -- god willing, with some explanation:

1. urban sprawl in the Houston area (I have no great expectations in tackling this);

2. Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA): (I do harbor some expectations)

3. the current economic crisis (with some initial emphasis on the payroll tax holiday idea) and all of its progeny (my expectations, based -- most probably -- on my comprehension, are limited).

A further caveat: while the above topics are to be my focus, I will, without hesitating and without any semblance of guilt (and by the way, why the hell is "unhesitantly" not accepted as an actual word in the English language?), speak my voice outside the focus as I deem appropriate. Within these bounds, such as they may be, you may, within the strictures set out above, hold me to my word, if you choose to hang around.

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