March 25, 2009

early campaigning for EFCA

After our recent post on the EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act), we received an email from the David Canter campaign and even without the beard, his position on EFCA makes sense (keeping the beard may have been helpful, but not entirely necessary). Here's what he had to say regarding the EFCA:

I see it as taking a stand for America. We need to support America's businesses as we rebuild our economy. But we also need to support American workers and begin rebuilding a strong middle class. We can't continue the race to the bottom that drives high-paying jobs overseas and forces too many Americans to settle for jobs that pay less and offer fewer benefits.

EFCA will make it easier for American workers to organize. That's not a popular issue here in Colorado or in CD6, where I'm running. And I suspect we won't see a lot of new union activity in Colorado as a result of EFCA even if it becomes law. But I'm supporting it because it's a step toward strengthening workers' bargaining rights and saving our middle class.
Yes, we've heard that the EFCA may be history since the spectral butthole has jumped ship (after supporting it in 2007). But we need real people in Congress. The more real folks like David Canter we have in Congress, the more likely we are to have a chance to level the field between the folks writing the checks and the folks punching the time cards.

Okay, back to the EFCA. How serious is David Canter in his support for EFCA. Well, part of the answer is in this video:

We'll be checking into this from time to time . . .

If you are inclined to contribute to David Canter's campaign, you can do it via ActBlue.

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