November 24, 2012

zombie legislation . . .

Maybe Senator DeMint is making some sense . . . according to Roll Call the senator thinks zombies should not legislate . . . omigawd, I seem to agree: I, too, would rather zombies lie down deep and warm and leave the legislating to those accountable . . .
Sen. Jim DeMint would rather see Congress go over the fiscal cliff than have a group of “zombie legislators” make tax and spending policy in final post-election weeks of the 112th Congress.

In a report on the dangers of legislating in lame-duck sessions, the South Carolina Republican argues, “The American people were never presented with competing ‘lame duck’ agendas, so Washington has no business trying to pass one. Conservatives may not like the policy outcome in any case, but rejecting the ‘lame duck’ and achieving an honest, transparent process respectful of the American people and our republican institutions is significant in its own right.”

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