November 08, 2012

there are differences . . . some potentially dramatic . . .

This is a Trailer (or "coming of attractions"), of sorts, to the conclusion expressed below . . . One of the things we discussed, when I invited (was trying to convince) hardhead to take up some of the slack on "Peripatetic Patter" posting, was a "he sez / he sez" dialogue as we progressed . . . I discounted the idea (and might still do so to some extent) but I've noticed that one of the reactions I wait for when I post is his possible input or response to some of what I spew after having a Saint Arnold brew in hand (nectar of the saints) . . . and also, I find that I sometimes yearn to respond to much of what he says . . . while we are clearly not coming from an identical world view (migawd he sounds like an anarchist), even if we admit to a helluva lot of similar basic tenets as well as some 2-3 years of shared army security agency experience in Bavaria we do appear to share in some abundance a willingness to bullshit and to do so publicly (or as publicly as a blog like this - with so few followers that I can't count that low - will mathematically allow) on occasion . . . I think hardhead deserves an explanation and I plan to supply one . . . BUT it happens that I think slower than I talk (and too often slower than I write) so I will not elaborate this evening . . . this is a preliminary announcement to keep me on course; however, I have, from my prospective, a very adequate response (at the least, a most plausible rejoinder) to my friend's pessimistic review of the last election . . . there are differences and some are potentially dramatic . . .
  • After months of campaigning at a cost of around $6 billion, it looks almost exactly like the status quo ante to me. We've got the same president; the Democrats picked up two seats in the Senate (hooray for Elizabeth Warren!), but nothing like a super-majority; and the House is essentially unchanged, with the Republicans still firmly in control. Think this crew will be able to accomplish any more than they have the last 2 years? If so, please explain.

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  1. Looking forward to a back-and-forth most eagerly!

    I was raised, as most of us are, on - let's face it - the myth of government "of the people, by the people, for the people," and I bought it completely and totally. To this day, that's still my ideal, and nothing would make me happier than for it to be happening. As I see it, though, government at all levels is actually not by the people, but by the minions of rich people, and it's for those wealthy elites exclusively. Of course, that's the way of it everywhere and has been for millennia; but it's supposed to be different here. It's not, and likely never has been (except possibly in villages and small towns), and I see no chance of that changing if we keep doing what we've always done. The game as we play it is rigged: 95% of us (or more) cannot possibly win; we can't even break even; and sending in the second-string or tinkering with the rules serves only to keep the charade going. That's my beef.

    So, in a nutshell, I think we agree on where we want to go. We just differ on how it might be possible to get there. Ugye? Nicht wahr?