July 28, 2011

my plans for the weekend . . .

We keep a book in our Kitchen that both A. and I very much enjoy reading and looking through: Kitchen Garden by Anna Nicholas.

It is a beautiful, informative little book. We like it . . . and, it doesn't now
cost as much as we may have paid for it. I expect to try a recipe from it this weekend when family come over: Garlic Broth Provencal.

Here's the recipe, simplicity itself, and I'll report back our reviews: add 6 (or more) crushed cloves of garlic, sprig of sage and a bay leaf to 2 1/2 pints (6 cups) of salted, boiled water. Boil 8 minutes and remove from heat. Beat 1 egg (come on folks, make it an egg from an uncaged, free roaming chicken who wasn't fed a corporate mash of growth hormones, etc.) in a large bowl, then still beating, gradually strain the broth into the bowl (add salt if needed and your doctor will allow it) and lots of black pepper (don't even talk to the doctor about the pepper!) until it tastes the way it should. Serve with your favorite (unsliced) bread (French should do nicely even if it isn't the favorite). Enjoy!

I intend to try this . . .

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