January 16, 2014

Still Around

From Gene Everlasting, by Gene Logsdon:
I like a quote accredited to the late Terence McKenna, the famous (or infamous, depending on one’s views) researcher into psychedelic drugs. The Big Bang theory, as he described it, was “just the limit case for unlikelihood, that the universe would spring from nothing in a single instant for no reason… It is in fact no different from saying ‘and God said, let there be light’.  What these philosophers of science are saying is, give us one free miracle and… it will all unfold according to natural law… Well, I say to them, if science gets one free miracle, then everybody else gets one free miracle.”
I'm posting this, first, because Gene's a pretty cool ol' coot; but mostly to let my legion of friends and fans out there in 'netland know I ain't dead yet - though increasingly it's only by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin that that's so. I'd hoped to be burning this blog up by now with brilliant, insightful posts about this crazy, miserable, wondrous universe we find ourselves in. But it's taking me far, far longer than I'd have ever anticipated to assimilate the now-completed collection of material detritus of one life into the still-expanding collection of another.

And the reason for that is the ever-shrinking margin between a comfortable resting state and suffocation in terms of my pulmonary functionality. I endured a rather minor respiratory infection last week, during which time even a short 20-foot trip to the bathroom required a rest stop halfway through, and a 2-minute recovery period at its conclusion. Any other physical activity more strenuous than reaching for a coffee cup or keyboarding was out of the question. That seems to be passing now (knock on wood), and I hope I can start assimilating the detritus again very soon (big test tonight: I need desperately to do a couple of loads of laundry or risk being quarantined to my apartment as a public health risk). We'll see, eh?

The penultimate goal is to incorporate some better hardware into my little LAN and do clean installs of the software I use, all with a view toward being able to fully utilize and participate in this blog. (I'd much rather be out in the country somewhere helping somebody build something or grow something, but clearly that ain't happenin', not for the foreseeable future [but I got dreams and plans!]; so running my mouth is going to have to be all I can contribute for now.) When it'll come together I won't venture to say any more - but that's where I'm headed. There might well be another channel-marker post or two, like this one, before I get there. But I aim to build me a platform I can pitch my soapbox on and then commence haranguing all you Philistines with what you need to do to get your shit together, done in my own inimitable bitchy, arrogant style ...

Thank you for your kind attention.

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