April 17, 2012

early days of his awful reign . . .

David Kolb writing in the The Muskegeon Chronicle gets it right.
Ex-President George W. Bush last week tried to wish away the problematical taint of his name on those ruinous tax cuts passed by virtually every single Republican in Congress back in the early days of his awful reign. I’ll go Dubya one better, wishing the accurately named Bush tax cuts had never been enacted into law.

In fact, we should all wish we had never heard of the blasted things -- nor voted for any of the pre-tea party dunderheads who passed them, with all their negative weight, onto the stooped shoulders of an America that couldn’t afford them.

Just this single piece of Bush’s GOP agenda pushed through in the first term of his presidency -- his tax cuts, enacted in 2001 and 2003 -- have added more dollars to the nation’s debt and deficit than almost all of the rest of his horrible policy initiatives combined.

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  1. Better brace ourselves. They'll probably be extended or made permanent.