December 22, 2011

when is a beer in Texas really a beer . . . ?

Or, when is speech really free . . . ? Evidently many of us in Texas only thought we were drinking a beer or maybe an ale because the brewers couldn't always tell us the truth. That's weird as hell . . .
Texas brewers can finally call a beer a beer.

They can call an ale an ale.

They can also tell folks where to find their beers and their ales, as well as their malt liquors.

Ruling in favor of plaintiffs who asserted that some Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules were unconstitutional, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks said the state was effectively forcing brewers to lie about their products.

The commission said it won't appeal the ruling.

The plaintiffs, Authentic Beverages, Jester King Craft Brewery and Zax Restaurant & Bar, argued in an Austin courtroom that the word beer encompasses all malt beverages, while ale means a style of beer that is made with a certain kind of yeast through warm fermentation.
Just wondering if this will affect my favorite Houston brews?

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